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and I’m so sorry I couldn’t speak.


The current listenings over at h+b have been sporatic lately, but one band that has certainly peaked some interest is Frances Cone.

Based in Brooklyn, NY this indie-pop band has a new single out that is simply devine.

It comes off of their upcoming album titled “Late Riser” that is due to be released this summer. Apparently having been in the works for the past ten years, this song truly is worth the wait.

The emotional delivery of vocals from lead singer Christina Cone paired with the hypnotizing sounds of guitar stirs something deep inside of you.

Words from Cone herself in an interview with Paper Mag completely stole my heart:

“The tiniest objects can spark the most visceral memories – the smell of smoke or the fabric of a lampshade or the way an article of clothing feels on your skin.”

Here is Arizona.

save me from the prime of my life & I’ll try to carry you home tonight.


One of my absolute favourite bands is the extremely talented indie-rock group Local Natives.

The last work we’d seen from them was their 2013 LP titled “Hummingbird”.

After waiting this long for something new I can truly say there is zero dissappointment with their newest release. If you liked them befoore you will definetly love them now.

Here is Past Lives.



you keep the ship moving forward, you make it easy to try.


Sometimes you hear a beautiful song and all you can really do is smile.

This happened today when I heard a track by Jesse Ruben. Hailing originally from Philadelphia, but currently residing in Brooklyn, NY Ruben describes his genre of music as “songs. and some feelings.”  What a perfect explanation that is.

This song is so lovely to listen to and the lyrics are enough to melt your heart.

For a feel good tune on a sunny day, here is This Is Why I Need You.

my bones are tired from sailing streams.


Ariela Jacobs is an independent singer/songwriter hailing from Melbourne, Australia.

Her voice is soft like feathers and beautiful like crystals. The newest EP was recorded at Sing Sing South in Melbourne and is titled “Yesteryear”. The EP is composed of six lovely songs filled with emotion and honesty.

Here is one of my favourites, Yesteryear.



but all I’ve got is this fever heart.

Here is my extremely delayed yet still semi-relevant list of favourite albums from 2015.

These are just a selection based on my personal preference of what caught my ear and made me smile.

All of these are truly wonderful and if you haven’t heard one yet take the time to listen now.

In no particular order:

Leon Bridges – Coming Home


Oh Wonder – Oh Wonder


Emilie & Ogden – 10 000


EL VY – Return to the Moon


Sufjan Stevens – Carrie & Lowell


Father John Misty – I Love You, Honeybear


Houndmouth – Little Neon Limelight


Beach House – Thank Your Lucky Stars


Lower Dens – Escape From Evil


Ryan Adams – 1989


Wild Child – Fools


Little May – For the Company


The Chainsmokers – Bouquet EP


Jon Foreman – The Wonderlands: Sunlight EP



xo – hills + bridges



I set a fire to the moons shape, we are just shadows in the cascades of history.


Talos is the work of Cork, Ireland native Eoin French.

His hauntingly ethereal vocals completely hypnotize you into another time and place. It seems like everything else around can stand still when listening to this.

Here is In Time.

look past the trees that lead down to forever as we leave everything behind.


Kaptan is the stellar work of Seattle native Andrew de Torres.

The indie-pop singer-songwriter currently resides in Nashville, TN and has released a new EP titled “Sprinter”.

The sound is familiar yet fresh, unique yet addicting.

Needless to say, I love this EP. I just want to listen to it over and over. It makes you happy and it’s making it a brighter day.

Here are two of my favourite tracks off the EP, Way Out and Everything.


I’ve got things I want to do.


Sorcha Richarson is a new discovery for me today. Although this song was first released in 2013, it doesn’t make the first listen to me any less special.

Richardson is originally from Dublin, Ireland but is currently based out of Brooklyn, New York.

This song is just lovely. That’s all that really needs to be said.

Here is Last Train.

tomorrow would I still be alive? should I lock myself in a cage?


Beach Youth is an indie surf-pop band and based on their sound you’ll immediately want to think they’re from sunny Los Angeles. The surprise here is actually that they hail from Caen, France. This small fact aside, they don’t hide the fact that a lot of their influence does stem from LA and the sunny palm tree lined beaches.

The band consists of members Simon and Etienne Dumottier Froidure, Louis Gautier Caignaert and Antonin Lesieur all under the age of 21. The type of music that they are creating sounds so experienced and is right up my alley of what I like listening to.

I’m a big fan of indie surf-pop and Beach Youth does a great job of holding their own against a lot of other amazing bands in this genre. The Drums, Day Wave, and Best Coast are a few of my other favourites and Beach Youth is another to add to the list that will not disappoint.

Here are their two singles, Days and Memories.

I know you’re sleeping by now I’m still up walking around. The walls of my skull bend backwards and in like a labyrinth.


As bold as this comment may be, this album might be one of my favourites of the year.

Julien Baker is a musician from Memphis, TN and one with extreme talent. The lack of her presence online comes quite shocking to me, but don’t fret as I feel this will soon change. “Sprained Ankle” is one of those rare compilations of songs that leaves no stone unturned and no feeling of missing out. There is not a single track that I am not completely head over heels for.

Baker’s raw and honest lyrics captivate such attention and you’re almost unsure of how to feel when listening to it. Her songs were recorded with just her on vocals and guitar and have a very minimalistic vibe that will draw you in and take over your soul.

It is safe to say that I will be listening to this on repeat for a very long time.

A few of my favourite tracks are Brittle Boned, Everybody Does, Something, and Go Home.

you’re like good water pressure in a cold rainy summer.


Milk & Bone is the electro-pop project of Camille Poliquin and Laurence Lafond-Beaulne. Hailing from Montreal these two released their debut EP titled “Little Mourning” earlier this year and gained quick success.

The hauntingly beautiful effects of their vocals come across almost eerie but yet captivate you enough to never want to stop listening.

Here is Pressure.

all we do is play it safe, all we do is live inside a cage.


Oh Wonder is a British duo hailing from London who decided to take a new style approach to music.

Their game plan was to release a new single every month for an entire year. Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West are doing something very special and it shows. After a year their self titled debut album was finally released in September.

Here is the first track I had the pleasure of hearing; this is All We Do.

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